The Business of Wine 
Beginning October 19, 2016
Duration: 8-weeks October 19th- December 14th, 2016
Instructor: Tim Hanni MW for details and registration

Unique in its structure, this online course is flexible and customizable to each participant’s goals and needs from wine-knowledgeable novice, students engaged in wine studies such as WSET, SWE and Masters of Wine, to seasoned wine veterans. Critical for winery principals who need to be familiar with costs, operations, distribution and point-of-sale considerations, the course also provides a competitive advantage to anyone looking for career or business opportunities in the industry.

NEW - include one-on-one coaching for job opportunities, career advancement, business consultation and Master of Wine or WSET study course mentoring.

The course is indispensable for winemakers, viticulturists and marketing professionals wanting to expand upon their knowledge of business strategy and anyone considering–or already in the process–of starting a winery or a wine-related business; any wine professional looking to understand the different segments of the industry and how they connect and interact with one another.

The online format is perfect for international participants interested in exporting wines to the U.S. and/or needing a firm understanding of how the U.S. wine business works.
Tim Hanni MW

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Why You Like the Wines You Like: 
Changing the way the world thinks about wine.

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"I am fortunate enough to have spent many hours with Tim wrestling with some of his ideas while they were still in the formative stage. It was both an exhilarating and an exhaustive experience. With a broad and deep knowledge of wine and food history as well as their complexities, he is not afraid to challenge the way things are done and to suggest alternatives. He’s not dogmatic in his beliefs, but he demands that conventional thinkers think again. The payoffs are insights that you would never have considered."

George Taber 
Author of The Judgment of Paris and Guide to Bargain Wines; correspondent and business editor for Time magazine


Drink the wines you love the most.
Respect the wine preferences of others.
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